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Water Jet Service

We are equipped with a 6.5′ x 13′ table MACH 2C Series Flow WaterJet boasting an impressive 60,000 PSI, allowing us to cut a wide range of materials ranging from Stainless steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper to PVC, Rubber, FoamWood and Granite to as thin as 1/100 inch. Our water jet operates at a typical kerf width of 0.01″ and provides accurate cutting of shapes up to +/- 0.005″ tolerances, eliminating secondary operations. Our technology allows for improved cut part tolerances and geometry at significantly higher speeds without any heat affected zone (HAZ). It also enables the virtual elimination of taper (<1 degree in a straight line) and is completely burr-free.

The use of abrasive water jet cutting allows for quick and accurate cuts and the elimination of edge finishing, unlike conventional cutting methods. Our cutting process involves absolutely no heat which can lead to adverse affects such as discoloration, distortion, or structural weaknesses such as warping. It is ideal for materials that possess reflective, conductive, heat resistance, or heat sensitive properties, especially when accuracy must be maintained and materials used optimally.

Abrasive water jet cutting is the ideal method for conductive materials such as Aluminum and Copper which cut well due to their low hardness and density.

Reflective materials (e.g. Polished Stainless Steel, Brass) experience no discoloration along the cut although slight frosting may be present, although not significant enough to require masking.

It is highly time and money saving to provide other services such as laser cutting, gas cutting, bending and total fabrication under the same roof.




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